Swoll Review on Versa Gripps

Versa Gripps Pro

Have you ever been lifting a large amount of weight, only to have your grip fail on the last few reps?  We all have, but this is where Versa Gripps come in.  They are a strap, glove, hook, and wrist support hybrid, and they eliminate your grip from the equatioin, allowing you to focus completely on the larger muscle group you are working on.  However unlike straps which can be difficult to set up, Versa Gripps are self supporting and stand up in front of your hand, which makes it rather easy to wrap the front flap over/under the weight.  And to top it all off they do not completely cover your hands, so there is no need to worry about sweat

Versa Gripps are made of an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial material.  The material is reinforced and has a tacky hold, which prevents your hands from sliding all across the bar/dumbbell.  The front flap is designed to cover the width of your hand a prevent callouses, but it isn’t “callous proof”; I’ve developed one or two new ones since I’ve had these, but that isn’t an issue for me.    And if you get to that point where the weight is too much to handle even with the Gripps, the nice thing is you can just let go; there is no risk of injury by having to set the bar down and unhook.

I have been very satisfied with Versa Gripps for the few months that I have owned them.  They did not take too long to get used to, they stay right where I hook them at, and they have helped add a significant amount of weight to most of my lifts.  I say most of because although they can be used for both pull and push exercises, I mostly use them for pulling exercises because that’s where I find them to be most useful.  And to give you an idea of how well they work, the first time I used them I was able to put an extra 30 pounds on my deadlift.

Versa Gripps come in three versions: The Pro, which I just reviewed, for 52.50.  Classic, for 39.95.  Or FIT/FIT Pink, for 52.50.  Check them out here


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