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We are always keeping an eye out for something that can make your training easier and more effective and while this is not a new product, its one we can’t just say enough about.
Versa Gripps are self-supporting grips designed to enhance muscle isolation and optimize your strength training. These grips allow you to focus on the muscle group you are working without worrying about losing your grip, no matter how heavy your load is. The unique design of the stand up grip provides you with the ease of wrapping the grip around the bar quick and with just one hand, which is especially nice, when training with rubber covered bars. The grip fits over your wrists comfortably and secures in place with a velcro strap.  This grip cancels out the need for any other form of lifting straps or gloves as it can be used for all pulling or pushing exercises.

I’ve been using Versa Gripps for 5 years and year after year I’ve made huge gains in my strength because I’m able to concentrate more on my form while lifting heavy without succumbing to grip fatigue. I love my grips and use them for all my back and shoulder exercises and dead lifts. I highly recommend them for all fitness enthusiasts who are serious about training!

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By Liza Hughes RN
Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Professional Athlete

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