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Fitz Koehler

Fitz Koehler

Versa Gripps: Support for Sore/Fatigued Wrists & Hands

Weight training gloves traditionally provide relief for the skin of your hands when coming in contact with the typically abrasive surface of strength training equipment. Of course this helps prevent blisters and calluses, but these basic gloves really do little to actually support your hands and wrist during the act of heavy pulling and pushing.

Enter Versa Gripps. These cool weight-lifting tools are designed with a unique stand up grip, which wraps around a bar to relieve the stress placed on both your hands and wrists.  I recently allowed one of my female clients with arthritic wrists to use the Versa Gripps and she was instantly able to lift more and do more overall. The Versa Gripps allowed her to hold each weight without squeezing her hands too tightly which eliminated grip and and also took a great amount of stress off of her wrists. Success!

Versa Gripps are ideal for and used by the most successful heavy-lifters and bodybuilders in the world. They’re also a smart choice for anyone who believes their workouts are suffering due to weakness or pain in their hands and wrists.  Check them out at

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