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Thursday, March 12th, 2009


Versa Gripps featured in RX MUSCLE.COM article, “Stuff I Like.”

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
Written by John Koenig
Thursday, 19 February 2009 00:53

VersaGripps Pro

Bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen (and women) have long debated the necessity for lifting straps, usually used for deadlifts, rows and shrugs. Some argue that the aid they provide lets your forearms and grip off the hook, while others claim the assist in throwing around heavier weight more than sets off the advantage. Bottom line, it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to use straps. If you’re a bodybuilder, strap up. A powerlifter or strongman probably won’t choose to.

Here’s great news for the pro-strap crowd: VersaGripps Pro are one of the best strap products for weight-training I’ve ever wrapped around my wrist.  Over the years I’ve trained with all manner of different straps and hooks, but these pleasingly heavy-duty devices are rugged, simple and wildly effective while remaining comfortable.

Once your VersaGripps are strapped around the wrist, comfortably above the bone, you’ll have a self-supporting grip that’s comfortable at all weights, angles and stresses. The relatively short grip is custom-engineered with a material that slightly holds its shape while you wrap it around the bar, and it does not slip! One wrap and you’re ready to rock, even with your second hand. Easy to use, comfortable as hell, no pinching of the wrist, and strong. What more could a lifter want in a lifting or gripping strap?

My initial deadlifting sessions with the VersaGripps Pro were entirely satisfying, and response from two training partners seconded this reaction. The bar doesn’t slip whatsoever, that doesn’t even feel like a possibility,  and within seconds of approaching the bar I was ready to go. A friend of mine, professional strongman Jason Bergman, believes in pulling the bar immediately after setting up, and these VersaGripps make it easy. Pulls were strong and true, with no minor adjustments or getting used to the feel. As I’d broken a small bone in my left wrist earlier this winter falling on ice, I was sensitive to pain and stress in that area, but I’m tickled to report no problems whatsoever.

VersaGripps are not a gimmick; these are the real thing, a superb high-quality lifting aid that works well with bars and dumbells alike. My VersaGripp Pro straps do the job in a top-notch manner. They’re tough as nails and stronger than I am!