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Brenda Rahe – WNBF Pro

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

“Thank you Versa Gripps for a Phenomenal product!!! Since I discovered your grips at the 2003 Arnold Classic Expo, I have been able to make some big gains in the gym. I earned my pro card in the World Natural Bodybuilding Fed in 2002, and I knew I had to make some changes to reach the goals I had set. I was stuck. The old fashioned straps weren’t cutting it. They were more of a distraction than a help. I found I was focusing on the pain of them cutting into my wrists instead of the weight I was lifting. Once I used your Versa Gripps I was sold on them instantly! Versa Gripps are comfortable, secure, less cumbersome (no wrapping required!) and wow … the gains I made in strength & size were incredible! I never leave home without them on my back & hamstring days. I have been able to really focus on the exercise I am doing and the weights have consistently been increasing. Versa Grips definately assisted me in achieving my goals in the 2006 competion season. I earned the overall spot at the 2006 WNBF MS. International in September, as well as the 2006 Lightweight World Champion title in November.

Thank you Versa Gripps! I will continue to spread the word to all of my personal training clients as well…they absolutely love your Versa Gripps once they get their hands on mine!”

Brenda Rahe
2006 MS. International
2006 Lightweight World Champion