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*****5 Stars
“Thanks for your Great Power Gripps!”

Reviewer: Mike Woicik, The New England Patriots
January 2006

Money well spent on training!!! This is one of the best investments I have made in training equipment. In fact I had to buy a second set to lend / give to my training partner to get him to stop barrowing mine. For some serious advancements in training, and confidence you’ve got a grip on those big dumbells, this is the product, watch your number go up as you train.

Reviewer: Aaron Paul Ocean from Balad, Iraq, US ARMY
January 31, 2006

Versa Grips are the best type of wrist and palm protection ever made and its supposed to be for your grip. I know lift 5 times more weight then i did before for eample i would only row 60 pounds but thanks to versa grips i know do 100 pounders like a beast!!! buy this product if you are a seriouse weight lifter and bodybuilder for maximum performance.

Reviewer: Edward Shermann from USA
April 02, 2005

Versa Grips is the best I have found to date!!! I purchased the Power Grips while attending the Arnold Classic. These are the best grips I have used to date. Unlike straps that can be cumbersome to use, these are easy, easy, easy to use.. Did I mention easy? I guarantee Versa grips will become a staple in your gym bag. You will wonder how you lived without them. Its easier to push or pull and allows you workout with more weight than your typical grip can handle… So be prepared for mega-gains! Also note, I am not affiliated with the company, I do own a nationally recognized vitamin company, but I am not here to promote my products… When I find something good, I cannot say enough about the product, and want to share it with all, especially when there are so many inferior products on the market. So, go out and get these grips today! What are you waiting for?!! Enjoy!

Reviewer: Frank D’Amelio from Huntington, NY
January 7, 2005

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