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April 2, 2005 Reviewer: RONNIE COLEMAN ***** 8 times Mr. Olympia Champion

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

“Thank you for making the Best type of protection for your hands, they have allowed me to lift more weight without injury.

Ronnie Coleman 8 times Mr. Olympia Champion

April 9, 2005 Reviewer: DEXTER JACKSON ***** Two Time: 2005 & 2006 Arnold Classic Champion

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

“I am a body builder so lifting heavy weights is my job. Versa Gripps allow me to lift more poundages then ever before and I noticed amazing gain of muscle mass.

Thanks to this Great product, I have won the Arnold Classic this year.”

Dexter Jackson
Two Time 2005 & 2006 Arnold Classic Champion

Versa Gripps Donated to US Troops in Iraq

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

I was so excited when I got off the phone with Flex Wheeler. I met Flex for the first time at the Olympia show in Las Vegas last year when he asked me to do an interview with him on the Versa Gripps Series. He was working at the Road to the Pro’s booth which is a new fitness reality show that follows amateur bodybuilders in pursuit of their IFBB Pro Card. I was nervous but Flex had this cool, calm demeanor that was contagious. The interview went great and I was happy I agreed to the interview,as I was scheduled to appear on with Monica Brant later on that day. Flex continued to stay in touch with me and in November Flex called to tell us that he was collecting donations to send to our US Troops in Iraq. We were thrilled to show our support and we donated over 100 pairs of Versa Gripps!!! We understand they were sent to the new “Palace” Gym in Iraq.

Photo Model: Ieva Aleknaite – Miss Galaxy 2002 – Salutes Our Troops!